Board Meeting Agenda

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the North Shore Fire Department Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 immediately following the Finance Committee meeting that starts at 7:35 a.m. at Shorewood Village Hall, 3930 N. Murray Ave., Shorewood, Wisconsin to consider:

1.         Call to order, roll call

2.         Persons Desiring to be Heard

3. Consideration of Minutes: July 11, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

4. Committee Reports
a) Finance Committee

5. Fire Chief's Report on Department Activities relating to Department Calls, Staffing, Appointment/Promotion Needs, Training, Fire Prevention activities and upcoming events
a) Quarter 2 Strategic Goals Update
b) Quarter 2 Performance Measures

6. NSFD Commission Chairperson's Report

7. Amendment to Milwaukee County EMS Contract

8. Update on Long Range Financial Plan

9. GFOA Presentation

10. Communication from Local 1440 regarding request to initiate bargaining of successor labor agreement

11. Announcements

12. Date and Location for Next Meeting – September 12, 2017 – Whitefish Bay Village Hall

13. Adjournment

DATED this 4th day of August, 2017.

Sam DickmanSecretary/Treasurer

NSFD Board of Directors

Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services.  Contact Administrative Headquarters at 414-357-0113.  It is possible that members of and possibly a quorum of members of other governmental bodies of the agency may be in attendance in the above stated meeting to gather information; no action will be taken by any other governmental body except by the governing body notice above.