NSFR Takes Steps to Improve Response to Our Community’s Needs


At North Shore Fire/Rescue, we're always committed to serving the needs of our community. It is our number one priority in everything that we do.

That's why we've recently decided to upgrade our software to Operative IQ. This software system will enhance numerous aspects of our department that directly impact your welfare. From better inventory management to advanced fleet maintenance, this new technology will enable us to resolve every kind of emergency with greater efficiency.

Operative IQ Features

In addition to gaining updated tools, this software provides real-time knowledge of the current level of inventory and equipment in our supply rooms and our vehicles. This means we can be aware of available resources and what needs to be ordered at a moment's notice. So, we'll be consistently prepared for any crisis that affects our residents.

Vehicle performance is another essential aspect of our unit's effectiveness, and Operative IQ will be pivotal in keeping track of this ongoing status. Crew inspections, repair requests and preventative maintenance will all be accessible by our team. With this critical information, we'll know the state of each vehicle and its history of repairs. This makes it easier for us to ensure each one is in prime shape, never second-guessing its standing in our fleet.

The ability to track controlled substances is also an important part of this software application. It conveniently replaces paper log books, so no questions arise about the availability of certain medicines that are necessary in emergency situations.

In general, accurate reporting of every resource that's currently accessible to NSFR can make a significant difference in the quality of our service. Having this data on hand ensures that our team can check the condition of inventory, equipment, vehicles and any other resource without delay. Furthermore, by centralizing this information and keeping detailed documentation in this software system, we'll be ready for every circumstance that comes along.

A New Chapter in Dedicated Service

You've always been able to count on NSFR to address any life-threatening emergency within your community. Now with Operative IQ in place, you can be even more confident that NSFR is equipped to protect you more efficiently than ever before.

In the days ahead, NSFR will embark on a new chapter that's further defined by our dedication to safeguarding residents. We look forward to improving this service so that your safety and well-being are better protected in 2017 and beyond.