What you might not know about NSFR....


Residents ask frequently our staff why a fire engine responds when they call for an ambulance. All firefighters who work for North Shore Fire/Rescue are licensed Emergency Medical Technician-Basics or Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics. That means that all our staff, including those assigned to firefighting equipment, are trained to respond to emergency medical incidents. When someone calls for an ambulance, they expect a fast response. In many situations, seconds can mean life or death, so North Shore Fire/Rescue sends the closest responders available, even if they are on a fire engine. In addition, the closest ambulance also responds.  At times, the fire engines are closer to the emergency than the ambulance. In other instances, the severity of the emergency requires more than the two responders assigned to the responding ambulance, so additional personnel respond with the fire engine. The firefighters respond on the fire engine so they are available for the next call for service, whether it be a fire or emergency medical incident as soon as they complete their assignment.