Chaplain Program

Chaplain Program Members

The mission of the Chaplain Program is to provide spiritual and emotional support for the personnel and their families of the North Shore Fire Department (NSFD), through a comprehensive Chaplaincy program; and to provide spiritual guidance during times of need for the residents of the North Shore. 

Since joining NSFD, Pastor Robert Dick and Cantor David Barash have been trained in Critical Incident Stress Management and have learned the skills necessary to effectively relate to and minister to the firefighters, their families and to the victims of fires and accidents. Our newest chaplain, Deborah McGregor, joined the program in 2014 and will be familiarizing herself with the Department and its training. 


On the scene duties include: 

  • Provide appropriate victim assistance, freeing up operational personnel for other duties 
  • Comfort and counsel 
  • Make available the “After the Fire” manual to all victims of a working fire 
  • Assist in helping to contact family members 
  • Attempt to notify the victim’s minister or rabbi 
  • Assist with "First Night is On Us" arrangements 
  • Assist in death notifications 

Our Chaplains have spent hours riding along with firefighters, getting to know them, experiencing what a typical day is like, and seeing how they cope with the stress of their work.