Strategic Plan

The North Shore Fire/Rescue Strategic Plan is a tool designed to be a working document prepared and included with specific tools for both short and long term strategic planning. In order to be effective in any planning process, it is imperative that the plan be embraced by the organization, communicated as to its uses in a proper manner that engages the organization in a way that allows for workflows to be outlined, carried through and evaluated regularly to measure progress.

Mission & Vision

The North Shore Fire/Rescue Strategic Plan is centered on the department's mission and vision statements and has goals and objectives specifically linked to projects. Linking the department's mission and vision statements, goals and objectives to projects is critical in order for all members of the department to have a greater understanding of why the Strategic Plan exists and how they can have an impact on the plan as the department moves forward into the future.


The Strategic Plan is designed to offer guidance for the 3 to 5 year time horizon. It is frequently reviewed by department staff to ensure that the mission, vision and community expectations have not dramatically changed. Each initiative included in the Strategic Plan is carefully evaluated and reviewed frequently to ensure it is aligned with the organization's Strategic Objectives and the appropriate numbers of resources, both physical and financial are dedicated to the project.


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