Fire Safety House

Fire Safety HouseIn September 2005, the J. Luty Family Charitable Foundation provided the funding to have the North Shore Fire Department’s (NSFD) Fire safety house re-lettered and new graphics applied. Over time, the original lettering and graphics had become faded and worn. This Foundation was the major sponsor in purchasing the NSFD fire safety house in June of 1998. On behalf of the entire North Shore Fire Department, we would like to thank the J. Luty Family Charitable Foundation for their generosity and continued support of the North Shore Fire Department.

The mobile NSFD Fire Safety House has been used to educate thousands of North Shore children on the importance of knowing how to get safely out of a smoke-filled room or home.

Function of Trailer

The trailer, which includes a small kitchen area and an upstairs and downstairs bedroom, gives kids a chance to practice a safe exit from their homes in the event of a fire. Non-toxic smoke is released into a room, the smoke alarms go off, the children get low to the ground, crawl under the smoke and feel the door to see if it is warm, and then are guided by a department member to a safe escape. Children are also encouraged to work with their parents to develop an escape plan, practice it with their family, and have a meeting place outside their house. In the kitchen area, various fire hazards are set up to help kids learn to identify potential dangers present in the home.


The NSFD Fire Safety House gets the most use during Fire Prevention Month in October. The Fire Safety House also makes appearances at area health and safety events throughout the North Shore. We try to target children between 6 and 11 years old to learn about fire safety through the Safety House. At events that are open to the public, parents are encouraged to go through the house with their children and learn about fire safety as well.

Additional Information

To find out more about the Safety House and/or if it can be available for your safety event, contact Assistant Chief John Maydak at 414-357-0113, ext. 1512.